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Introducing the Magento 2 Bambora APAC extension


Bambora APAC for Magento 2 is a payment method tool aimed at providing high-level security and increased user-friendliness. As you can see in the title the service is available only for APAC users.

What is special in Aheadworks Bambora APAС for Magento 2 in comparison to similar extensions:

Configuring Magento 2 Bambora APAC


Extension Settings

To configure the extension follow Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Aheadworks Bambora APAC.


Setting up starts with enabling the payment gateway.

The title field shows the payment method name that will be displayed during the checkout.

The environment can be selected between sandbox and production. The first option allows you to test the payment method with the help of test credit card data, the second one implements the actual functionality to your store.

The following boxes are filled with the Bambora account credentials:

  • Account Number;
  • Live API Username;
  • Live API Password;
  • Sandbox API Username;
  • Sandbox API Password;
  • Merchant ID (the Custom Checkout Merchant ID/Merchant GUID for the second level of authentication. It will be provided to you with the rest of the info as part of the Bambora sign up process).

Magento 2 Vault

Magento 2 Vault can be enabled in the same setting section and gives you the ability to save customer credit data and provide it to them for use for later purchases.


The debug functionality - if enabled - will include some transaction info into logs.

The Payment Action allows you to select the type of payment processing between the 'authorize' and 'authorize and capture'.

Payment from Applicable or Specific Countries - let you restrict some countries from using the Bambora checkout.

Credit card types supported by the payment method can be specified in the corresponding field.

The Sort Order option indicates the position of the method among others at the checkout page.

Checkout View

Bambora APAC for Magento 2 is integrated into the native Magento 2 checkout functionality and represents a design that all the Magento 2 users are familiar with.

Save for later use - is a checkbox provided by the Magento 2 Vault and allows to use the same credit card data without re-entering it.

A 'VISA' credit card payment method (see the top of the image above) is an actual representation of Magento 2 Vault functionality.

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